When a woman (Sarah McLean) ventures out of her comfort zone for a rare glamorous evening out, she attends a high profile gala honoring her ex (Peter Marr), which turns out to be anything but glamorous when the attendees find themselves under attack.


The action-comedy "ReAction" brings together for the first time writer/producer Sarah McLean ("3 Strikes") and director Lisa Nicole Lennox ("Essential Tremors").


The film also stars Peter Marr ("First Impressions with Dana Carvey", "The Bold and the Beutiful") and Julian Ricardo  (“Live Alone", "MotorMouth").


The creative filmmaking team joins producer Lauren Hultenius, director of photography Jon Schweigart (“Essential Tremors”), production designer Mary Kate Flannery, editor Anne Johnston, and VFX producer Matt Brown.


ReAction” was shot on location in Los Angeles.


Snapping Alligator Productions presents "ReAction".